About this blog

The purpose of this blog is neither to advertise our products nor to use it as a marketing tool. Our true goal is to share with you all we’ve learnt since we began training in Japan and since we started selling, creating and designing martial arts equipment.

We will mainly talk about traditional craftsmanship, but also about Aikido events and demonstrations, the Dojos where we practice, the people who visit us, and maybe, from time to time, other Japan/martial arts related subjects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question, wondering about a partnership or simply if you want to say hello to the team. You can use our contact form, or leave a comment on this page.

Let us introduce our team and our offices:

The team below includes the entire Seido Co., Ltd staff, i.e. the Aikidoka of SeidoShop and the staff involved in the brand BudoExport.
If you are travelling to Japan and visiting the Hombu Dojo, don’t hesitate to look for us on the Tatami 😉

Jordy Jordy Delage

Martial Arts: Aikido, Judo, Kendo
Languages: French, Japanese, English, Spanish

Founder of Seido Co., Ltd and BudoExport. Manager of the French website, global technical manager, French and English customer support.

Eriko Eriko Hoshi-Delage

Martial Arts: Aikido
Languages: Japanese, French

Co-founder Seido Co., Ltd. Manager of orders in Japanese, customer support in Japan, supplier relations.

Rahel Rahel Bünzli

Martial arts: Aikido
Languages: German, English, French, Japanese

Communication and marketing in German and English. Embroidery workshop manager. Translations for the Seido Blog!

Fouad Fouad Belouadheh

Martial arts: Karatedo
Languages: French, Japanese, English

Webmaster for all sites. Online and offline developments.

Alexandre Alexandre Venancio

Martial arts: Judo
Languages: French, Japanese, English

Warehouse clerk. Order preparation and shipping.

Norio Norio Hoshi

Martial arts : Kendo (7th dan), Iaido (4th dan)
Languages: Japanese

Adviser for Kendo, quality control on wooden weapons, Shinai, and Iaito. Marketing manager for Japan.

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