A letter from Master Aramaki about the wooden weapon industry

A letter from Master Aramaki

And an insight into the situation at the wooden workshops

The past few months, we’ve
spent a great deal of time publishing our interviews made at the last wooden workshops of Japan this summer. Aramaki and Matsuzaki’s interviews are already live and Nidome’s interview is almost ready too. Following our encounter, and consistently with the subject we’ve discussed in those interviews, Master Aramaki sent a letter to all his partners presenting the situation at his workshop. Here is a free translation of this letter.

The Aramaki Bokken Workshop

Master Aramaki at the Aramaki workshop

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An Interview with master Aramaki – Bokken Artisan

An Interview With Master Aramaki – Bokken Artisan

Successor of the inventor of the modern Bokken

August 2017, enjoying the quiet summer months, we traveled across Japan to Miyakonojo and the Kirishima Sankei region to visit 3 of Japan’s last Bokken workshops. We’ve conducted 3 interviews, starting with master Aramaki Yasuo. Here’s the transcript with some additional comments and information.
Interview by Jordy Delage, Seido’s Founder.

Aramaki Yasuon, Bokken Artisan

Master Aramaki Yasuo

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