Bokken Craftsman – Interview with master Matsuzaki

An Interview With Master Matsuzaki – Bokken Artisan

Japanese craftsmanship in a small familly business

August 2017, enjoying the quiet summer months, we traveled across Japan to Miyakonojo and the Kirishima Sankei region to visit 3 of Japan’s last Bokken workshops. We’ve conducted 3 interviews and here’s the transcript of the second one with Master Matsuzaki Yoshiaki, including some additional comments and information.
Interview by Jordy Delage, Seido’s Founder.


Matsuzaki Yoshiaki, Bokken Artisan

Master Matsuzaki Yoshiaki

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Bokken, Bokuto, Daito, Tachi? Explanation!

Bokken, Bokuto, Daito, Tachi? Explanation!

The various terms used in Japan for swords and wooden swords

In the West, the word “Bokken” is widely used to refer to a wooden sword. However, in Japan, the proper word is “Bokuto”. Although less precise, the Japanese also use other terms like “Bokken” “Kidachi”, “Daito” and “Tachi” etc. Let’s see what the differences are and where those words come from.

Bokken or Bokuto ?

A collection of Bokuto

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